Qikshare files and contacts with Anyone! From Anywhere! Even the new Apple Watch!

Qikshare is the fastest cross-platform file and contacts sharing tool available. Works with Android, iOS, and any desktop computer. No more messy cables and virtually no setup required.

The iOS and AppleWatch app are free on the Apple App Store!

The Android app is free on the Google Play Store!

Share anything you want with anyone you want.

How do you share your files or contacts? Email? Text Message? Those ways have a limit and are often slow. Contacts can only be shared one at a time unless you have Qikshare. Now you can transfer all of your contacts over to a new device and up to 15 photos at a time. No need for bluetooth or wifi. There is zero setup and you can also send files to your desktop by heading over to web.qikshare.io

  • Share Photos
  • Share Videos
  • Share Contacts
  • Share Documents
  • Share Dropbox files
  • Apple Share Extension
  • Built in file Browser
  • No need for wifi

Overview of Qikshare's current feature set.